Wholesale prices

Wholesale prices – Drug Testing Kits – TESTFIELD STORE. We have suppled lots of companies you will find on page 1 of google with our drug testing kits. Scenesafe, Crystal Health etc just to name a couple, who have bought from us, and then add on their large margins, and sell to you. So to cut out the middle man, and buy from us direct. Call our team now on Tel: 07811 606 606 and we will be glad to help you. It makes no sense to be paying over the odds for a product you can buy direct.

All our tests have a long use by dates. We have in the past supplied The Police, The NHS, The Prison Service, Rehab Centres, Night Shelters, Schools, Universities, Pharmacologies, and the General Public. Plus lots of companies you may already buy from.

Cut out the middle man

We may well be suppling drug testing kits to the company you are buying from like, for example, Crystal Health or Scenesafe or many others. So cut out the middle man, and buy from us direct. You will be receiving exactly the same product, buy for a lot less money. We will send you order out the same day in most cases.

We manufacture or products

All our drug testing kits are manufactured by our factor. We have been supplying drug testing kits since 2013 under our business name: Drug Testing Kits. We bought out Testfield Store in 2018 which was established in 2013. This name we now use for our business. TESTFIELD STORE. The reason being is, we expanded our drug testing kits business to sell other products such as plasters, dental and medical products just to name a few. Call us now on 07811 606 606 for help and advice.